Sunday Bloody Brunch Sunday . . . Thanks Bono

While I am sure that title (or some variation on the theme) has been used millions of times before when discussing one’s Sunday Bloody Mary brunch, it really does seem fitting this morning.

Sunday Bloody Mary Sunday

Today just couldn’t have come fast enough for us here at Shami’s Gourmet.  Our Ubons Bloody Mary Mixes arrived earlier this week (sadly they were sitting in the managers office for a few days but no one bothered to tell us it had arrived) so we spent the last few days discussing ad nauseum our menu both in and around the Bloody Mary’s.

While waiting for our Bloody Mary mixes to arrive, we prepared a Pinterest collection featuring some of the wild and wacky Bloody Mary concoctions out there.  Sliders, shrimp, pizza, asparagus, pickles, eggs, bacon and even entire chickens adorn some of these monstrosities!!!  Sadly, we were not in the position to be as grandiose.

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