Brunch at The Larchmont

This past Mother’s Day, while walking and drinking our way home from brunch in Hollywood, we (very nearly literally) stumbled across The Larchmont  The staff was friendly, The drinks were excellent, and the ambiance was comfortable and charming.  We were bound to return.

The thing is, this was The Larchmont’s first brunch, and was a special thing for Mother’s Day.  They would be opening for brunch regularly in a few weeks.  We made mental note of this and decided to call a few weeks later and find out if they were open.

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Miserable Monday is Now Somber Sunday

We now have three weeks down on the Slow-Carb diet.  Due to our ever changing schedule, we have switched Cheat Day to Saturday.  Hence the now Somber Sunday.

I sit here early on Sunday morning wishing it was once again Cheat Day but alas, all I have is memories  . . .  and pictures . . . from yesterday.  That will have to tide us over til next week.

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