TBT: Bologna in August, What is One to Do?

Our adventures this week take us back to one our favorite countries. Italy.  We have been there a few times and each visit brought us to different towns and regions.  This time, in 2007, we explored Assisi, Bologna, Perugia & Torino.  But that was not the whole trip.  This was one of our most adventurous trips to date:  Paris, Grenoble, Annecy, Bologna, Perugia, Assisi, Hvar (Croatia) and ending up in Torino. It was a culinary feast . . . . wherever we ended up with memories to last a lifetime.  Come join us in Bologna!! Continue reading

TBT: A Very Special Experience in Assisi

Basilica of San Francesco
Basilica of San Francesco

This edition of Throwback Thursday takes us to the year 2007.  We were living in Costa Rica at the time and that year for our annual pilgrimage abroad we chose Italy.  Assisi, Bologna, Perugia and Torino to be exact.  And what a pilgrimage it was. And what better place is there for a pilgrimage than Assisi.

Religious pilgrims have been coming to Assisi for centuries to visit the the tomb of St. Francis in the Basilica of San Francesco as well as the the Basilica of Santa Chiara to see the tomb of St. Clare.  Both are must sees for any visit to Assisi.  We’d like to share a very special experience we had visiting this historic town.

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Throwback Thursday . . . Wandering Jews in Dijon, France

Time for Throwback Thursday’s trip down memory lane.  Today our adventures take us to Dijon, France.  Follow us along this tale of new friends.

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As self proclaimed wandering Jews, we were, of course fascinated when we accidentally stumbled upon what appears to be the one and only local synagogue in Dijon.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we were wandering the streets late Wednesday afternoon, when we wandered onto Rue de Synagogue and found the Synagogue of Dijon which was locked up tight. After doing some research on line we found no contact information other than their website. I sent an email asking permission to get a peak inside.

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