Brunch at The Larchmont

This past Mother’s Day, while walking and drinking our way home from brunch in Hollywood, we (very nearly literally) stumbled across The Larchmont  The staff was friendly, The drinks were excellent, and the ambiance was comfortable and charming.  We were bound to return.

The thing is, this was The Larchmont’s first brunch, and was a special thing for Mother’s Day.  They would be opening for brunch regularly in a few weeks.  We made mental note of this and decided to call a few weeks later and find out if they were open.

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Fine Dining Friday? You Tell Me.

Courtesy of the Slow-Carb Diet where we basically eat no carbs, most of my favorite foods and more importantly, meals (sandwiches, pasta, risotto, stir fry with rice, french fries. . . .) are virtually impossible to eat. Since starting the Slow-Carb Diet last week, dining out (except for “cheat day”) has taken a back seat to our new favorite hobby: Creative Cooking.

Yesterday we spent a few hours re-organizing the kitchen and getting rid of some appliances we barely use anymore now that we have our Sous Vide Supreme Water Oven.  We have become obsessed with “sousviding” which has been working out really well for us. Meat, chicken, fish, vegetables, eggs. . . even fruit.

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Hubby’s Birthday Lunch at The Penthouse in The Huntley Hotel

When two big annual events fall less than 2 weeks apart each year, it is inevitable that after the big buildup for the first, the excitement of the second lags a bit behind. Not that my husband’s birthday should be celebrated any less enthusiastically than our wedding anniversary, but with our big anniversary dinner at Saint Martha just 12 days before . . . we both sort of forgot to make any plans.

I woke up early to a Groupon email about a deal with Cantor’s Deli (described as “an authentic deli experience unparalleled anywhere on the West Coast”).  As two good Jews from New York, we never like to pass up a good deli.  But just as I was thinking what a great idea that would be for lunch, a light went on in my head: let’s Groupon Mike’s birthday lunch.

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