Meat and Mushroom Monday. I’m thinking that Chicken fits that bill as well?

Last Friday after putting in a long day reading, writing and talking about food (yes, tough life :-)), we both realized we hadn’t planned anything for dinner. We have been playing with our not so new anymore water oven and have been sousviding (Yes, I am using the term sous vide as a verb.) most every day. Meat, chicken, fish, vegetables . . . you name it, we have been pretty much sousviding it. But here it was almost 7:00 with nary a plan for dinner. Too late to start sousviding from scratch and all the rest of the meat, chicken or fish were all frozen. And we sure didn’t want to start eating dinner at 10.

I opened the freezer hoping I would come up with some sort of creative concoction that wouldn’t take too much time.

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