Food Truck Friday – At Least 3 Reasons to Check out Street Kitchen

Today is our first Food Truck Friday, courtesy of our recent lunch from Street Kitchen LA.  I believe most every day they set up shop on Wilshire off of Fairfax across from LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art). We have driven past there hundreds of times for months on end but it was never the right time to stop for lunch. This past Tuesday we made a special effort to hit the Mid-Wilshire food trucks for lunch.

Street Kitchen Food Truck
Street Kitchen Food Truck

Wandering up and down the block we were tempted and taunted with so many sights, sounds and most importantly, smells. After browsing soul food, thai food, lobster, gourmet sausage & grilled cheese, hot dogs, currywurst & Mexican food, we decided to go for Street Kitchen. Why? Well once you find out what we ordered, you just might not wonder.

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