Hubby’s Birthday Lunch at The Penthouse in The Huntley Hotel

When two big annual events fall less than 2 weeks apart each year, it is inevitable that after the big buildup for the first, the excitement of the second lags a bit behind. Not that my husband’s birthday should be celebrated any less enthusiastically than our wedding anniversary, but with our big anniversary dinner at Saint Martha just 12 days before . . . we both sort of forgot to make any plans.

I woke up early to a Groupon email about a deal with Cantor’s Deli (described as “an authentic deli experience unparalleled anywhere on the West Coast”).  As two good Jews from New York, we never like to pass up a good deli.  But just as I was thinking what a great idea that would be for lunch, a light went on in my head: let’s Groupon Mike’s birthday lunch.

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Remembering Casa Mun

I lived an expat life in Buenos Aires for almost 3 1/2 years and what I remember most (besides the incredible friendships made that will last a lifetime) is of course, the food and wine. I can talk til I am blue in the face about the beef in BsAs but never thought I would have much to say about seafood (other than salmon which is in almost every restaurant in BsAs), let alone Asian food.

BsAs is known for its “Closed Door” restaurants. According to Wikipedia, “an underground restaurant, sometimes known as a supper club or closed-door restaurant, is a social dining eating establishment operated out of someone’s home. They are, in effect, paying dinner parties. They are usually advertised by word of mouth or guerilla advertising, often on Facebook, and may require references to make a reservation. An underground restaurant is also known as a guestaurant, which is a hybrid between being a guest in a dinner party and a restaurant.”

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