Twisted Tuesday and a Slow-Carb “Dessert”

Welcome to our first Twisted Tuesday.  Why twisted?  Because desserts have no place in the slow-carb diet, with the exception of cheat day.

But our mission on this diet, apart from the obvious, is to make it fun.  So we scoured the various lists of acceptable foods, and came up with something that can very nearly pass as a real dessert.  So, without further ado, here it is:

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Sous-Vide Truffled Scrambled Eggs

Welcome back to Truffle Tuesday!

Day one of our diet went fine. We found ourselves wanting snacks a few times, and one bottle of wine between the two of us turned out to be a bit of a challenge.  But all told, really not bad.  Still looking forward to cheat day, though :D.

IAC, today I thought we’d share this absurdly easy recipe which will be the backbone of our breakfasts throughout this diet.  It’s utterly delicious and I can’t imagine how much simpler a recipe can get.

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Sous Vide Baby Bellos with Truffle, Parmesan and Black Garlic

Welcome back to Trufle Tuesday! Since we morphed mushroom Monday this week, and since we developed what might well be the single easiest gourmet recipe in the history of gourmet cooking and which involves baby bello mushrooms as well as truffles, we thought we’d share it with you today.  I challenge our readers to find a recipe that has a better ease of preparation to flavor ratio anywhere.

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25 Mouth Watering Lamb Recipes for your Passover or Easter Dinner

During this multicultural holiday week where we celebrate both Passover and Easter, I have been giving a lot of thought to food, as I always do.

According to the Encyclopedia of Religion, Mircea Eliade editor in chief [MacMillan:New York] 1987, volume 5 (p. 558):

“Among Easter foods the most significant is the Easter lamb, which is in many places the main dish of the Easter Sunday meal. Corresponding to the Passover lamb and to Christ, the Lamb of God, this dish has become a central symbol of Easter. Also popular among European and Americans on Easter is ham, because the pig was considered a symbol of luck in pre-Christian Europe.”

But for me, this week my thoughts have been directed more specifically towards lamb.

I love lamb. I could share dozens of stories of the numerous meals I have eaten over the years that included lamb.

Los Lenos, Montevideo, Uruguay
Los Lenos, Montevideo, Uruguay

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What the heck is Piri Piri??

When I first became aware of Victoria Amory’s collection of gourmet condiments, I had no idea what piri piri was.

I am a ketchup and mayo nut, so of course I got excited to see her ketchup and mayo collections which are inspired by the flavors and aromas of the Mediterranean coastline. With flavors like Champagne Ketchup, Sherry Ketchup, Smokey BBQ Ketchup and Roasted Garlic Mayo, Classic Lemon Mayo and Fine Herb Mayo, I was dreaming of the meals I would prepare.

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3 Great Truffle Mac ‘N Cheese Recipes from 3 Great Masters

Truffle Mac ‘N Cheese. Are there any 3 words in the English language that go better together and sound so darn tasty??

I sit at work and look at, talk about, read and photograph food all day long. From my first sliced shaving when traveling through Tuscany during truffle season in October 2002 to the Truffle, Parmesan & Black Garlic Seasoning we use regularly here at home, truffles have always had a very special place in my heart (stomach actually).

I decided it was time to scope out some of the very best best Truffle Mac ‘N Cheese recipes . . . these three really stood out (in no particular order).

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