The Natural Beauty of Mushrooms

Welcome to Mushroom Monday!

Words cannot adequately describe just how busy we’ve been at Shami’s Gourmet.  We’re working on something very special for you and unfortunately, our blogging will suffer over the next week or two as a consequence.

As usual, though, we will do our best to not leave you hanging by sharing exceptional content from elsewhere.  Today, we’ve found a beautiful gallery of mushroom photographs by Michelle Lunato.  As a rule, we’re more concerned with how food tastes than how it looks. And where we are concerned with food’s appearance, it’s generally about how it looks on our plate.  It’s interesting and refreshing to appreciate its beauty in nature.

Bon Apetit!

3 Unique Morel Mushroom Recipes You Can Prepare at Home.

Since we have already shared some of the basics of cooking with mushrooms (see our earlier post “Want to Cook Mushrooms Like a Pro? Start with the Basics.“), we now want to focus on the various mushrooms individually. This week we begin with the Morchella, or the true Morel mushroom.

Morel Mushrooms

Amongst the most highly prized of all mushrooms, Morels don’t look or taste like regular mushrooms. These honeycombed, capped mushrooms have a smoky-nutty flavor and aroma all their own which is favored by cooks worldwide. When in season, chefs tailor their recipes to highlight and preserve the natural Morel flavor.  Morel mushrooms are affordable enough to be enjoyed quite often, but are also seen as a luxury ingredient for special occasions.

While researching Morels I found not only some really creative recipes, but also some interesting and humorous factoids about this visually stunning tasty tidbit.

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