Farewell Friday . . No Worries .. .Just for a Week!!

Hi Folks, Well, we’re finally doing it.  We’re taking a week off of blogging.  Business and family responsibilities have simply gotten to the point where we need to take a week to organize and regroup. break We’re not going on vacation or anything.  We’ll still be here cooking and finding cool food related stuff to share with you. We just won’t share any of it until the following week. We apologize for the lapse, but we are, after all, a “mom & pop” shop, which means we don’t have a team generating our content, and this kind of thing will just happen from time to time. So, have a great week, see you next Monday, and above all, Bon Appetit!

TBT . . ¿Dónde está el restaurante? Off to Peru we go.

For this TBT we head to Peru circa 2008. Miraflores to be exact. We were still living in Costa Rica at the time . . . in a very, very small town.  This was part of our Big City South American Adventure.  Buenos Aires, Mendoza, Miraflores and Montevideo. And guess what we learned most about Peru. . .the food!!

Of course that should be no surprise.  Follow us on this food fueled adventure.

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Hear, Hear for Heartland’s Australian Shiraz 2012

Super busy again, but as always, making sure our regulars have something good to read. Check out this review of Heartland’s 2012 Shiraz. Sounds exactly like our kind of wine. Will definitely pick it up if we run across it. Hat tip to “Girls Go Grape,” who we are now following. Love the blog name, and the content.


Girls Go Grape

Hello wine lovers and happy #wineWednesday to you!  After two weeks of great Pinot Gris, I can hear my red wine lovers sighing relief that this weeks’ post is about Shiraz.

I was asked to lead a tasting for my girlfriends’ 40th birthday last Saturday night.  The group of 25 tasted through 6 wines.  My hubby was an amazing help as I had put my back out the day before.  He was entertaining and a darn great help!

Feedback from the crowd after the tasting was complete was positive.  And, Heartland’s Shiraz 2012 was a standout favourite…


Heartland’s Shiraz comes from their Langhorne Creek vineyard in South Australia.  Here the soils are sandy loam and the region is known for its cool-climate which produces some exceptional wines…

In the glass, it is a deep ruby red with hints of purple.  On the nose, this Shiraz has a pronounced profile with…

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Diet Failure

No alliterative theme today.  Just some unpleasant truth, with a little hope thrown in.  Our attempt at the slow carb diet has been an unmitigated and abject failure.

Mike’s perspective:

Over the past 4 weeks, we have followed the diet rather strictly.  There were a few slips here and there, but nothing really dramatic.  And we both gained a few pounds.

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TBT – Mendoza 2008 . . . On Two Wheels

Once again in honor of TBT, we want to take a trip back to what we consider a second homeland for us:  Argentina.  While we did not live in Mendoza but rather in Buenos Aires, it was Mendoza that first piqued our interest in moving to this amazing South American Country.  Step back with us to 2008 on our first day in Mendoza staying in the city proper.  We only stayed there two days before heading off to Chacras de Coria, a small village located just a few km from the city of Mendoza, to stay at Casa Glebinias.  Highly recommended for everyone.  Both the town AND the lodging.

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The Curious Case of Carmenere

The ancient origins of the Carmenere grape are uncertain, and there are several theories about them.  My personal favorite is that what we now call Carmenere was known in ancient Rome as “Biturica,” and praised by such luminaries as Pliny the Elder and Columella.

Of course, evidence for this theory is inconclusive, but when I open a bottle of Carmenere, I like to think that what I’m about to drink bears at least some similarity to the wines enjoyed by Julius Caesar during his campaign in Gaul.

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Busy or lazy? How to cook lentils in batches.

It’s been really busy here at Shami’s Gourmet.  We’re working on a variety of technical issues and on acquiring some delicious new items for you.

So, unfortunately, no time for an original piece from us today.  We have, however, found a useful little article for you to peruse.  I’ll be trying this most likely later today and have lentils for the rest of the week.

We’ve really been slacking on the lentils in our diet, and hopefully this will change that.

Bon Appetit!

Busy or lazy? How to cook lentils in batches..