Slow Carb Multi-Bean Burgers – Not Too Shabby

Beans are an integral part of the Slow Carb diet. On Monday when we started, we sousvided a pound each of black beans, red beans, white bean and chick peas. (Note to self. . no need to sous vide them. . .just buy the cans and rinse. . .sooo much easier!!)  I like beans, we both do actually, but having a side dish of beans at almost every meal was starting to get a little boring.

Meanwhile, I had created a new board on Pinterest called Burgers  (Just started thinking that burgers really do need a board of their own. Cook them. . . look at them. . talk about them. . . eat. Beef, lamb, bison, chicken, turkey, veggie . . . Who doesn’t love a good burger!!)  and that light went off in my head. Let’s just make some veggie burgers. Unfortunately almost every recipe I came upon included some ingredient we cannot have. Whether it be cheese, flour, breadcrumbs, or some other sort of carb, I was starting worry about how they would stay together. This is what I came up with.

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TBT: Two Important Words to Know in Argentina

TBT . . .and what a tasty throw back it will be.  Today I want you to join me on a trip back to 2008 for a culinary tour into the world of the Argentina Asado.  No licking the screen!!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

There are two very important words that one learns once they arrive in Buenos Aires. . .either as a visitor or a newly transplanted local. They are Asado and Parrilla.

According to Wikipedia,

“Asado is a technique for cooking cuts of meat, usually consisting of beef alongside various other meats, which are cooked on a grill (parrilla) or open fire.”

But from my limited experience, it so much more than that.

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Wine Wednesday – A Great Article on Inexpensive Spanish Wine

Things have once again been a little crazy around here with the store, our new diet and life in general. Sadly we didn’t have time for anything original today. But as you know we are always on the lookout for tasty wine on the cheap and I came across just what I was looking for.

Wine Recommendations

Having been to Spain and being a fan of Spanish wines as well as being a fan of inexpensive yet tasty wine, I thought this would be a great chance to share with you this article by Talk-A-Vino. And after reading that Anatoli’s doctor prescribed a glass of red wine a day to lower his cholesterol . . .I knew I found a fellow wine lover after my own heart. And he has the chops to back up what he says.

With that said. . .Cheers & Enjoy!!

Sous-Vide Truffled Scrambled Eggs

Welcome back to Truffle Tuesday!

Day one of our diet went fine. We found ourselves wanting snacks a few times, and one bottle of wine between the two of us turned out to be a bit of a challenge.  But all told, really not bad.  Still looking forward to cheat day, though :D.

IAC, today I thought we’d share this absurdly easy recipe which will be the backbone of our breakfasts throughout this diet.  It’s utterly delicious and I can’t imagine how much simpler a recipe can get.

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The Slow Carb Diet — Shami’s Gourmet Style

Welcome back to Mushroom Monday!

After a few months of reading and writing about food, and looking at pictures of food all day, we’ve put on a few pounds.  Well, maybe more than a few pounds :(. In any case, it’s time to put an end to it and start undoing the damage.

We’ve both lost substantial amounts of weight before, using a variety of different diets, and we were dreading having to go through any of them again.  Especially since we continue  to spend our days looking at pictures of and reading and writing about food.  Fortunately for us, we ran across the slow carb diet.

This is a diet we feel we can stick to for the following reasons:

  1. We can have a glass or two of wine every evening.
  2. There is no calorie counting or portion control.
  3. There is a one day per week “cheat day,” during which anything goes.

Pretty cool, right?

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Crockpot Salsa Verde Chicken

Welcome back to Fine Dining Friday… And more lameness from us. We are still extremely busy with inventory and such and still have no time to write original content.
However, what we did on Wednesday, calling attention to a promising new blogger, felt good. So we’re doing it again. Here’s a delicious sounding recipe from another promising new blog. We’ll have to try it out soon.
Bon Appetit!

TBT: How about a Pastrami on Rye with a side of Chocolate Mousse? In Costa Rica? Yup.


This edition of TBT takes us to Costa Rica circa 2007. In 2006 we packed our bags and moved from NYC to a small town in the Central Valley of Costa Rica called Atenas.  Atenas is approximately 20 km from Juan Santamaria International Airport, and 35 km from the national capital city of San Jose, all the while surrounded by mountains and coffee plantations.

While the district of Atenas has over 25,000 inhabitants, the town itself (which is where we lived) has only about 5,000. Quite a change from the big city life we were used to. The best part of our decision to move to Costa Rica was that we got Flaca, our 4-legged offspring who has changed our lives for the better. But more on Flaca another time.

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What do Spanish Paella, Italian Risotto and Saudi Arabian Coffee Have in Common?

In our continuing quest to bring you the finest foods from around the world, two items we consider critical have, until now, eluded us. We spent hours online and more hours on the phone in a series of attempts to find reliable sources for these items, all in vain.

By serendipity, however, last week we were able to track down excellent sources for both. The second of these should be available in the coming days.

But the first, which is also the answer to the question posed in the subject line, is already available in our store.


Now available in powder form, in thread and premium thread form, and mixed with curry in our Kashmiri Saffron Curry Powder.

And to celebrate the minor miracle that now allows us to offer it to you reliably, we want to offer you a 10% discount on any saffron purchase you make. We are confident that once you try this stuff, you’ll come back for more. Use the coupon code SAFFRON10 at checkout before June 30th to claim your discount.

And stay tuned for our next product announcement and discount. It’s another good one. We promise.

Bon Appetit!

I Know What You’re Thinking…

Welcome back to Wine Wednesday and another day of lameness for us. Work is proceeding apace on the new items in the site, but we really don’t have the time to write anything substantive.
However, yesterday, while reading through the “wine” tag in wordpress, I ran across a very interesting and well written post on a brand new blog. Both the blog and the post were titled “champagne in a mug,” and I thought they were worth sharing.
I hope our readers enjoy it, and I hope the author keeps writing.

Bon Appetit!

What is Truffle Oil? . . . And Why We Will Probably Be Lame for a While

Welcome back to Truffle Tuesday!

For lack of choice, I’ll make this brief: We are in the process of listing several dozen new products in our store. We are very excited to offer you these items, but listing them will take up the majority of our time for the next week or two.  During that time, in lieu of our usual ramblings here, we will be posting links, either to stuff we’ve done in the past, or to resources elsewhere which we feel are useful.  Please forgive us this brief near-absence.

As for today’s link, a few days ago we realized just how frequently the question, “what is truffle oil?” gets asked.  And in fact, to the uniformed, the answer is quite surprising.  So we wrote up the shortest complete answer to the question we could manage, and posted it in our store here.  If you don’t already know the answer, you owe it to yourself to read this before buying any.

White Truffle Oil
White Truffle Oil

Until tomorrow…

Bon Appetit!