Sous-Vide Truffled Scrambled Eggs

Welcome back to Truffle Tuesday!

Day one of our diet went fine. We found ourselves wanting snacks a few times, and one bottle of wine between the two of us turned out to be a bit of a challenge.  But all told, really not bad.  Still looking forward to cheat day, though :D.

IAC, today I thought we’d share this absurdly easy recipe which will be the backbone of our breakfasts throughout this diet.  It’s utterly delicious and I can’t imagine how much simpler a recipe can get.

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Quite Possibly the Tastiest Thing on Earth

Teuscher Champagne Truffles
Teuscher Champagne Truffles

Welcome to Truffle Tuesday!

Normally when we write about truffles, we are talking about the underground fungus kind.  Today, however, just as a change of pace, we’ll look at chocolate truffles.  And not just any chocolate truffles, the best we’ve ever had.

And these are not just the best truffles we’ve ever had.  They are quite possibly the tastiest thing we have ever put in our mouths.

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Sous Vide Baby Bellos with Truffle, Parmesan and Black Garlic

Welcome back to Trufle Tuesday! Since we morphed mushroom Monday this week, and since we developed what might well be the single easiest gourmet recipe in the history of gourmet cooking and which involves baby bello mushrooms as well as truffles, we thought we’d share it with you today.  I challenge our readers to find a recipe that has a better ease of preparation to flavor ratio anywhere.

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Shami’s Gourmet Guide to Truffles

Welcome back to Truffle Tuesday!

This week, we’ve done something a little different, which we hope you’ll enjoy. Given all the confusion surrounding what truffles are, what the different types are, and what forms they are available in, we’ve created an infographic which we hope will clarify things a bit.  Click on the thumbnail below, or get the pdf here.  Please feel free to share it with anyone and everyone you think could benefit from it.


3 Great Truffle Mac ‘N Cheese Recipes from 3 Great Masters

Truffle Mac ‘N Cheese. Are there any 3 words in the English language that go better together and sound so darn tasty??

I sit at work and look at, talk about, read and photograph food all day long. From my first sliced shaving when traveling through Tuscany during truffle season in October 2002 to the Truffle, Parmesan & Black Garlic Seasoning we use regularly here at home, truffles have always had a very special place in my heart (stomach actually).

I decided it was time to scope out some of the very best best Truffle Mac ‘N Cheese recipes . . . these three really stood out (in no particular order).

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