Sous-Vide Truffled Scrambled Eggs

Welcome back to Truffle Tuesday!

Day one of our diet went fine. We found ourselves wanting snacks a few times, and one bottle of wine between the two of us turned out to be a bit of a challenge.  But all told, really not bad.  Still looking forward to cheat day, though :D.

IAC, today I thought we’d share this absurdly easy recipe which will be the backbone of our breakfasts throughout this diet.  It’s utterly delicious and I can’t imagine how much simpler a recipe can get.

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Matzah Brei Monday

Now that Passover has come and gone, I am sure a few of you have some of that pesky matzah leftover. What to do, what to do?

A recent blog post on Shami’s Gourmet expressed a strong love of eggs. To clarify, that was written by my other half. I actually hate eggs. I don’t mind them in baked goods or a tasty pisco sour, but as a rule, eggs do not pass through these lips.

Except during Passover. I will be honest, I usually do not “keep Passover” per se, but I do like a good sheet of matzah now and then. Why not? After all, it’s just a really big cracker!

So why am I now talking about eggs and matzah? Well, the “matzah brei” of course.

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Sous Vide Hard Boiled Eggs Hack

Welcome to what should be Freaky Spice Friday or Fine Dining Friday.  The reason it isn’t is twofold:

  1.  I was having a hard time coming up with anything to write about either topic.
  2. I came up with a sous vide trick I really need to share.

So ok, we’ll do something about fine dining or some spice next Friday.  Today, let me begin with a little background:  I love hard boiled eggs.  Ever since I was a child, they’ve been high on my list of favorite foods.  When I started working out seriously, I started eating two of them after my workouts for the protein.  I know there is some controversy over whether or not this is a good idea, but since my cholesterol is fine, I figure it can’t hurt..  especially since I enjoy them so much.

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