Hear, Hear for Heartland’s Australian Shiraz 2012

Super busy again, but as always, making sure our regulars have something good to read. Check out this review of Heartland’s 2012 Shiraz. Sounds exactly like our kind of wine. Will definitely pick it up if we run across it. Hat tip to “Girls Go Grape,” who we are now following. Love the blog name, and the content.


Girls Go Grape

Hello wine lovers and happy #wineWednesday to you!  After two weeks of great Pinot Gris, I can hear my red wine lovers sighing relief that this weeks’ post is about Shiraz.

I was asked to lead a tasting for my girlfriends’ 40th birthday last Saturday night.  The group of 25 tasted through 6 wines.  My hubby was an amazing help as I had put my back out the day before.  He was entertaining and a darn great help!

Feedback from the crowd after the tasting was complete was positive.  And, Heartland’s Shiraz 2012 was a standout favourite…


Heartland’s Shiraz comes from their Langhorne Creek vineyard in South Australia.  Here the soils are sandy loam and the region is known for its cool-climate which produces some exceptional wines…

In the glass, it is a deep ruby red with hints of purple.  On the nose, this Shiraz has a pronounced profile with…

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