I Know What You’re Thinking…

Welcome back to Wine Wednesday and another day of lameness for us. Work is proceeding apace on the new items in the site, but we really don’t have the time to write anything substantive.
However, yesterday, while reading through the “wine” tag in wordpress, I ran across a very interesting and well written post on a brand new blog. Both the blog and the post were titled “champagne in a mug,” and I thought they were worth sharing.
I hope our readers enjoy it, and I hope the author keeps writing.

Bon Appetit!

champagne in a mug

“Really, Alex? Champagne in a MUG?”

The answer is: yes, obviously. As I’ve mentioned in my Bio, I’m constantly learning more about the beverage industry through my studies and through my profession in the fabulous world of Food and Beverage.

That being said, let’s chat about why (in my professional opinion) the tried and true ceramic coffee mug is my container of choice:

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