What is Truffle Oil? . . . And Why We Will Probably Be Lame for a While

Welcome back to Truffle Tuesday!

For lack of choice, I’ll make this brief: We are in the process of listing several dozen new products in our store. We are very excited to offer you these items, but listing them will take up the majority of our time for the next week or two.  During that time, in lieu of our usual ramblings here, we will be posting links, either to stuff we’ve done in the past, or to resources elsewhere which we feel are useful.  Please forgive us this brief near-absence.

As for today’s link, a few days ago we realized just how frequently the question, “what is truffle oil?” gets asked.  And in fact, to the uniformed, the answer is quite surprising.  So we wrote up the shortest complete answer to the question we could manage, and posted it in our store here.  If you don’t already know the answer, you owe it to yourself to read this before buying any.

White Truffle Oil
White Truffle Oil

Until tomorrow…

Bon Appetit!


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