Quite Possibly the Tastiest Thing on Earth

Teuscher Champagne Truffles
Teuscher Champagne Truffles

Welcome to Truffle Tuesday!

Normally when we write about truffles, we are talking about the underground fungus kind.  Today, however, just as a change of pace, we’ll look at chocolate truffles.  And not just any chocolate truffles, the best we’ve ever had.

And these are not just the best truffles we’ve ever had.  They are quite possibly the tastiest thing we have ever put in our mouths.

But first thing’s first.  What are chocolate truffles?  What makes them different from other chocolates? Well, According to Wikipedia:

A chocolate truffle is a type of chocolate confectionery, traditionally made with a chocolate ganache centre coated in chocolate, icing sugar, cocoa powder or chopped toasted nuts (typically hazelnuts, almonds or coconut), usually in a spherical, conical, or curved shape. Other fillings may replace the ganache: cream, melted chocolate, caramel, nuts, berries, or other assorted sweet fruits, nougat, fudge, or toffee, mint, chocolate chips, marshmallow, and, popularly, liqueur.

Their name derives from their traditional shape, which resembles the truffle, an edible part of the tuber fungus.

So, in other words, they actually are regular chocolates that someone chose to call “truffles,” primarily due to their visual resemblance to the delicious underground fungus.

But the truffles we’re discussing here are anything but “regular chocolate.” They are, in fact, champagne truffles by Teuscher.  Teuscher invented the chocolate truffle 50 years ago and many have tried to copy it, but all have failed.  There are some great non-Teuscher champagne truffles out there, but in our experince, none of them even come close to the original. Again, from wikipedia:

Teuscher Champagne Truffles
Teuscher Champagne Truffles

They are made with Dom Perignon champagne, butter cream, and surrounded by dark cream ganache made from 66% dark base chocolate. Each is enrobed in milk chocolate and dusted with confectioner’s sugar or dark chocolate and dusted with bracingly dry unsweetened cocoa powder.

However, mere words are entirely inadequate to this particular experience.  We make our living largely through writing about food experiences, but the best we can come up with here is, “Go try them. You will NOT be disappointed.”

One last thing about these truffles.  They are, as you can imagine, both very fattening, and very, very expensive.  This is an excellent combination since the price enforces their status as a special treat to be enjoyed on something like an annual basis.  We often get them on Valentine’s day.

So, what’s the tastiest thing you’ve ever experienced? Please weigh in below.

Teuscher Champagne Truffles
Teuscher Champagne Truffles

Bon Appetit!

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