Rough Reds from Ralph’s

As our readers may be aware, we at Shami’s Gourmet love our wines. And whereas we enjoy a well aged Burgundy as much as the next wino, we are not snobs. In fact, bottles costing under $20 comprise over 95% of our wine consumption (which is, as our readers may also surmise, rather prodigious).

Soon to be Fallen Soldiers.
Soon to be Fallen Soldiers.

To maximize our “bang for our buck,” we tend to favor local wines when possible.  When living in New York the choices were very limited.  And in Costa Rica, it was a complete non-starter (Costa Rican wine, if you can believe it, is even worse than it sounds).  But when living in Buenos Aires, $20 bought us some truly excellent wine.  And so it is in our current home in Southern California.

When we moved here, we discovered a great many things.  Our wine consumption changed from primarily Malbec with lots of Bonarda thrown in, to mainly Zinfandel (the red kind, of course) with lots of blends thrown in.  We eat a LOT more cheeseburgers.  And we shop primarily at Ralph’s.

For those who do not reside in Southern California, Ralph’s is the local Kroger brand, a mid-tier grocery chain with stores EVERYWHERE in LA.  Since we buy most of our food there, we end up buying a lot of our wine there (We’ll do a post about our other major supplier, Bevmo, another time).  And on today’s shopping excursion, we picked up seven different wines, each well under $20 with Ralph’s 6 bottle discount, most of which we’ve tried before.

What we will do this week is drink a different bottle every night (we suffer for our readers 😉 ), take notes, and compile them into a single post.  Said post will be next week’s Wine Wednesday post.

Bear in mind, our tastes in wine run to the very flavorful and full bodied.  California Pinot Noirs, let alone Merlots, are simply not for us.  If you share our tastes, we hope next week’s post will provide you with useful information.

Bon Apetit and Cheers!


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