What’s With Wine Wednesday?

Welcome to Wine Wednesday!

Several people have asked us why we bother to write about wine, since we don’t sell any on our site.  The answer is quite simple:  Shami’s Gourmet is not only our business, but also our passion.  For us, a gourmet meal paired with the right wine is one of life’s great pleasures – especially when shared with friends.  And a good bottle of wine on its own is not far behind.


In our travels, we always seek out local grapes and vineyards to complement the local food.  And whereas this habit has led us to taste some truly foul swill, it has also led us to discover some real hidden gems in some surprising locations.  For example, did you know that Uruguay produces some world class wines?  We didn’t before we went there, but we do now.


It would be remiss of us not to share these experiences and some of the knowledge gained with our readers, whether or not we can profit from it.  Bear in mind, we are not sommeliers, but we are serious winos.  We’ve gotten to know some sommeliers over the years, and will try to coax some of them to share their insights here as well.


It has occurred to us that Friday might be a better day to discuss wines since many people don’t drink in the middle of the week.  However, as is evidenced by our daily feature theme names, we can’t resist a good alliteration.  We therefore hope that either you can wait until the weekend, or that we can inspire you to have a bottle on Wednesday :).

Bon Apetit!


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