We Sous Vide . . . Do You?

Things at Shami’s Gourmet have been very busy and exciting this past week. The store is growing and we are finding new and unique products all the time.  But more specifically we have been “sous viding”. Not sure if that is an actual action word, but no matter, we have been experimenting with the Sous Vide Supreme that arrived just the other day.

So far it has been beef, pork and chicken (although not altogether) and all have been a great success.


Personally, I had never known about the sous vide cooking method until my husband tried his own “ghetto sous vide machine” using a crock pot, a thermometer, ice, electric kettle and a zip lock bag. Granted, I thought he was nuts but my little creative genius managed to pull it off. It took a long time to get the temp right but I realized he was on to something.

I started researching the sous vide method of cooking and knew it was something we wanted to try. We want to help spread the word on sous vide. Anyone can do it. Anyone can make a restaurant quality meal with very little effort.

Shoot me a line if you are interested in getting more information.


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